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PHARMAC seminar: Medicinal cannabinoids, 3b of 6. Cannabis and chronic pain


Video from the one-day PHARMAC seminar Medicinal cannabinoids: what does primary care need to know?, in Wellington, New Zealand

1. Medicinal cannabis – regulatory requirements for prescribers – Andrea Eng
2. Medicinal cannabis; current regulations and how to prescribe CBD parts 1 and 2 – Dr Graham Gulbransen
3. Where cannabis fits into the tools to manage chronic pain parts 1 and 2 – Dr Giresh Kanji
4. Medicinal cannabis, moving the debate forward – Assoc. Prof Giles Newton-Howes
5. What do the RCTs show us for chronic and cancer pain – Dr Giresh Kanji
6. Audit of 400 cases, start of clinical cases – Dr Graham Gulbransen

PHARMAC seminars: https://www.pharmac.govt.nz/seminars
Contact us with feedback at pharmacseminars@pharmac.govt.nz


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