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CBC vs CBD: What's the Difference?


Blog post: https://www.newphaseblends.com/cbc-vs-cbd/
CBC, or cannabichromene, is one of many cannabinoids that still hasn’t hit the limelight. Let’s compare these two cannabis compounds, the similarities they share, and the differences they have. While cannabinoids may look similar from the outside looking in, there are, in fact, a lot of differences.Since the Farm Bill of 2018 passed, CBD has received a vast majority of the media attention. CBN and CBG, with their non-psychoactive properties, quickly followed CBD and are also available in the marketplace now. This goes to show the speed at which research has been conducted since industrial hemp was decriminalized. CBC will follow in these footsteps. It’s completely understandable if you haven’t heard about cannabichromene, or more commonly known as CBC. It was discovered in 1966 by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Y. Gaoni. CBC hasn’t received too much attention to date. However, CBC is a prominent cannabinoid that has been considered for use because of its potential therapeutic benefits. When discussing CBC vs CBD, keep in mind that cannabichromene (CBC) is quickly emerging as one of the popular cannabinoids of recent times. CBD, on the other hand, remains just as prevalent – if not more so than THC.  A study in 1981 assumed that CBC was the second-most abundant compound in the plant, even exceeding the quantities of CBD. If this is true, then we desperately need to understand how to develop a CBC rich strain and determine the medicinal properties, if they exist.


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