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Top 5 Tips to Overcome Chronic Pain, Naturally!


If you are struggling with chronic pain, anything from fibromyalgia to migraines to never-ending back pain, this video is for you! In this video I am joined by Serita Valmond of GoalChasers2020, certified life coach and health coach, who shares her top tips for things you can do RIGHT NOW to find relief, and start regaining control of your life!

Coles Notes version of the tips below:

If you are struggling with chronic pain, here are some suggestions:

1) For chronic inflammation – look at your gut health. Do you eat a lot of processed food? Drink too much alcohol? Eat a lot of dairy products?
Tips: Eat more fruits and vegetables / Stay hydrated / Cut out excess sugars / Read labels. Remember, if you can’t pronounce an ingredient, most likely it isn’t good for you.

2) Stress affects inflammation so think about ways to minimize stress.
Tips: No one size fits all, so find and do what relaxes you. Meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, Journaling or using voice notes on your phone. Work with a practitioner to help you understand your past & present, and achieve the future you envision for yourself.

3) Supplements for chronic pain
– Tumeric with black peppercorns -add to dishes or warm drinks
– Black seed oil
– Sea moss gel – accounts for 92 of the 102 minerals your body needs – if you want to bump up your minerals to the 102 level, add burdock or elderberry into your diet.

3) Organic cbd oil. Helps your skin, gut health, pain management, inflammation, brain function, and can reduce anxiety and

4) Emotional Wellness – frequently, pain can increase or even be caused by our thoughts and emotions. This is often referred to as psychosomatic pain. For example: if someone is harboring chronic stress or anger, they might have constant pain in their neck or chest, or, if someone is diagnosed with cancer, pain can be made worse because of their fears about it…learning to sort through, manage, and release our emotions in healthy ways is the key for psychosomatic pain.
Tips – Hypnosis, Reiki, Counseling, Meditation

5) Have an allergy test done – it’s more information when taking a proactive path for managing your pain.

To book your free consultation with Serita:goalchasers2020@gmail.com

To seek out and overcome your subconscious beliefs and emotions holding you back from your goal, book your complimentary hypnosis consultation at www.samwisehypnosis.com.schedule or email sam@samwisehypnosis.com


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