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Emerging Minor Cannabinoids


The cannabis plant contains hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Yet only a couple of cannabinoids and a handful of terpenes are widely known. The psychological effects and medicinal benefits of the major cannabis phytocannabinoids THC and CBD are the most well known. But we’re now beginning to uncover more information about the minor cannabinoids of cannabis as well. These less abundant but still very important cannabinoids include CBG, CBC, CBN, CBDa, THCv, THCa, and Delta-8.

Our special guest speaker is Chris Emerson, Ph.D., the Founder, Chief Scientist, and CEO of LEVEL. Chris will give an insightful presentation on the benefits of emerging minor cannabinoids and the process of extracting them. LEVEL creates unique, targeted effects-based cannabis products by formulating cannabinoids in ratios not accessible from the plant alone.


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