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Solocast Q&A: Back Pain, Microdosing, Ice Baths, Smart Drugs & Brain Function, EMF Blocker…


It’s that time of month again. I’m digging into our community questions from our Facebook group and connecting you to my toolbox of hacks, products, and leaders who have supported me on my journey.

If you’ve ever had questions about curing mental and physical pain, alleviating chronic illness holistically, ice baths, health drinks, and effective EMF devices, you’ll want to tune into this one.

02:00 – Johanna asks: I am 8 months postpartum and breastfeeding. l have chronic right shoulder pain up into the back of neck and shoulders. I’ve been to see the chiropractor but it doesn’t help. Any ideas or recommendations?

Kratom from Super Speciosa TB-500 & BPC-157 peptides that you can inject Local red light therapy using the Flexbeam. It’s portable, and can easily be wrapped around most body parts PEMF therapy using a Pulse Centers machine. Most cities have practitioners if you don’t want to invest in one Cold laser therapy using Epoch Lasers. Pricey, but you might find a practitioner to treat you in your area. Transformational Healing Center in LA for one Neufit works by sending electrical impulses through the skin to nerves in tissue to elicit muscle contractions and sensory impulses. You can locate a provider in your area here Acupuncture is readily available pretty much everywhere Temporary relief with CBD creams and using DMSO on the area prior helps you get a much deeper penetration, and thus better pain relief

11:00 – Ryan asks: I’ve always loved having a variety of drinks and, for years now, I mostly just make my own mixes with quality water or SodaStream. Does anyone have any favorite DIY drink combos?

My go to is Hydroshot. It’s a hydrogen water with green tea extract and L-Citrulline. Incredible for mental clarity, workout prep, and recovery, and also just general blood flow For an electrolyte boost, LMNT is the best. Hydrating and great for food cravings, and curbing late night snacking Olipop for anyone with a sweet tooth. They use natural flavors, and also reverse osmosis water

14:11 – Kathryn asks: What’s everyone’s favorite probiotic? I’m pregnant and looking for the best.

Just Thrive, due to its spore-based formula Alternate your probiotics Take a stool sample to see what your body is lacking, needing to expel (parasites, etc.) Seed is pushing the envelope with a great product Probiomax butyrate suppositories from MitoZen I like to mix things up with Klaire Labs Ther-biotic Complete Drinking high-quality, grass-fed bone broth also heals gut and nourishes baby

21:15 – Rhondi asks: Can anyone recommend a good blue-blocking computer screen protector?

Use Iris app instead. It’s super-cheap and has timers built in for day and night use

23:25 – Luke asks: Can you re-use your ice bath water multiple days? What can be added to make it last longer?

I used to have a Sears chest freezer, set on a timer to keep the water around 35-40 degrees Make sure you’re clean and not sweaty before getting in 35% hydrogen peroxide extended water life ever so slightly I used my SimplyO3 ozone generator (ozone purifies water) but this was a logistical hassle I advise changing water every 1-2 weeks The Morozko Forge professional bath with a built-in ozone generator is the ultimate investment and solution

27:15 – Amanda asks: Looking for the best handheld red light therapy device to aid in healing a major open wound on a horse.

Flexbeam, as long as you keep your distance on an open wound The handheld cold laser from Power Medic. I used that on my dog, Cookie, after her spay surgery. It works like magic

27:15 – What’s the best David Hawkins book or interview?

I started off with Power vs. Force. Simple, albeit a bit sterile Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender is pure gold, and a much easier read for someone just getting into his work I: Reality and Subjectivity is much denser and took me two years to read. Powerful stuff I would recommend getting any of his audiobooks on Audible, listening to his lectures, and just digging in

36:44 – Abby asks: Has anyone tried any of these bracelets that are supposed to help mitigate EMF? I just got one from Body Align. Has anyone tested these?

FLFE or focused life force energy – I have the service on my phone, which mitigates EMF using a field of quantum energy Defender Shield phone case, and laptop case Blushield portable protector scalar wave generator Leela Quantum Tech ampule necklace, charged with quantum energy Leela Quantum Tech charged T-shirts, caps. You will learn all about the science of Leela Quantum next Tuesday on #373 Lambs EMF-blocking underwear. They have women’s bras, panties, and pregnant wraps now too, which is amazing

47:30 – Amanda asks: I am curious if anyone here is a millennial struggling with chronic illness. Have you ever wondered if there was a link between your…


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