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GUILD Show with Davina Kaonohi – CEO and Co-Founder talks about her Skincare Brand Element Apothec


In this episode, GUILD founder Anne Cocquyt interviews GUILD Academy alumn Davina Koanohi about her novel skincare company Element Apothec. You’ll learn how her great aunt approached her to build a website for the skincare products she sold at the farmer’s market and when Davina decided to take the brand to the next level and leave her corporate job to dive into entrepreneurship.

We discussed the pivotal moments for Davina during her startup journey of creating a company that recently closed an equity crowdfunding campaign on Wefunder and how she hired her advisory board and co-founders.

Her #ASK: Try Element Apothec for yourself or friends (the holiday season is coming) collaborate if you have a similar brand.


Other startup resources Davina mentioned in the interview for founders:


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