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Zen Bears – Unboxing Vlog – CBD Gummies – Mystery Box


Hi guys and welcome to my unboxing video…. It’s been a long while since I’ve done one of these!

So, you’ve all heard about gummies that are on the market, there are sooooo many different varieties/companies, how do you choose which ones to have?

Well, I discovered Zen Bears and it turns out that they are UK made, vegan friendly, contain zero THC, they’re made with all natural ingredients and there aren’t many other gummies out there that can prove any of these things.

I’m trialling these for 10 days, I’m hoping they help with my sleep most of all – as well as helping to lower my stress/anxiety levels ( because like most people, they rise every now and again )

So guys, if you want to know anything, please leave a comment, and go check out Zen Bears for yourself.

I will let you know in a couple weeks how I’ve been getting on when I post part 2 of this Vlog.

Happy Tubing xox

Zen Bears



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