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Medical cannabis: introduction to an ancient medication.


The Arkansas Times Medical Cannabis Wellness Expo
Medical cannabis: introduction to an ancient medication.

Dr. Brian Nichol is a board certified anesthesiologist practicing chronic pain management in North Little Rock. The medical use of cannabis has been an interest of his since he noticed the improved quality of life his patients were experiencing by self-medicating with black market cannabis. He has been guiding patients on the effective medical use of cannabis and has been an advocate for more than two decades. Legalization of medical cannabis in Arkansas has brought medically guided cannabis treatment to the next level, with health professionals now being able to recommend specific chemovars, cannabinoid preparations, dosing and administration schedules for more optimal results in an individual. Interventional Pain Consultants provides consultations for patients seeking medical marijuana certifications in Arkansas. Personal consultations include an assessment, patient education and a specific medical cannabis treatment plan for each patient. Consultations for patients already holding medical marijuana cards but seeking to obtain better results are also available. Dr. Nichol continues to advocate for medical cannabis patients by developing relationships with the cannabis industry and providing education through personal appearances, social media, professional meetings, panel discussions and individual consultations.


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