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is Kra-tum in danger AGAIN?


I think the FDA should really just mind its own business at this point, but we know it won’t. Because the pharmaceutical industry pays the bills. nothing I say here should be taken as advice, and thanks for listening

Commissioner nameYears as FDA CommissionerFirst pharmaceutical venture and positionYearArthur Hayes1981-1983E. M. Pharmaceuticals, president1986Frank Young1984-1989Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, executive vice president2013David Kessler1990-1997None1997Jane Henney1999-2001AmerisourceBergen Corp, member of board2002Mark McClellan2002-2004Johnson and Johnson, member of board2006Lester Crawford2005-2005Bexion Pharmaceuticals, member of board2011Andrew von Eschenbach2006-2009Bausch Health, member of board2018Margaret Hamburg2009-2015Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, director2018Robert Califf2016-2017Verily, advisor2017Scott Gottlieb2017-2019Pfizer, member of board

those are the facts.


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