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Is Weed Legal in Germany? | Cannabis in Germany


Is Weed Legal in Germany? | Cannabis in Germany

With four of Germany’s six major parties supporting the end of cannabis prohibition, cannabis advocates are excited about the future of legalization in Germany.

German cannabis lawyer, Lito Michael Schulte from Cannabizz Law joined us on the show to discuss Germany’s legalization process, medical marijuana in Germany, and Germany’s upcoming coffee shop licenses.

Check out Lito’s YouTube channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ubqKEbjBJ7zCIlikwgedA

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Cannabis Legalization News Footnotes:
0:00 – Start of Cannabis Legalization News
1:20 – Cannabis legalization in Germany
2:09 – Coffee shops in Germany
2:54 – Medical Marijuana in Germany
3:25 – Germany Medical Marijuana Grows
6:30 – How to Get a Cannabis License in Germany
11:15 – How many MMJ patients in Germany?
11:35 – Getting caught with cannabis in Germany
15:45 – Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana in Germany
22:43 – Germany Cannabis Law
23:30 – Germany Cannabis Law Advertising
28:20 – What is weed called in Germany?
30:17 – Insurance covers medical marijuana in Germany?
31:32 – What type of medical marijuana is legal in Germany?
34:37 – How is Germany for growing weed?
34:44 – Hemp in Germany
40:47 – How does legalization work in Germany?
46:43 – When will cannabis be legal in Germany?
47:30 – Find German cannabis lawyer, Lito Michael Schulte from Cannabizz Law

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