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Pecan Pies *Edibles*


Today I made Pecan Pies with about 60mg each. Let me know what you think!
*recipe in pinned comment*

Find me on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hazy.kitchen/

How much weed should you use?
__ mg THC per pie x __ number of pies = total mgs THC needed for recipe
(example: 60 mg per pie x 3 pies = 180 mgs total)

total mgs needed for recipe / % THC or CBD = mgs of weed needed
(example: 180 mgs THC / .20 (20% THC) = 900 mgs of weed)

mgs of weed / 1000 = grams of weed needed
(example: 900 mgs / 1000 = .9 grams of weed)


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