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Sarah Silverman And Seth Rogen Headline New Initiative To Decriminalize Marjijuana


Actors Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen are working with multiple different groups – both corporate and grassroots – to fight for the end of criminalization of marijuana at the federal level. While many states have already done this, the federal government has not done this, and countless people with small-time drug offenses are sitting in federal prisons because of it. Farron Cousins discusses the new initiative and why the celebrities were chosen to lead it.

Link – https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/celebrities/2021/11/09/seth-rogen-sarah-silverman-cannabis-campaign-federal-legalization-weed/6354596001/

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Actors Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman are headlining a new initiative to try to get marijuana decriminalized at the federal level. The new initiative is called cannabis in common, and it seeks to unite America at a time when we couldn’t, uh, basically be any further apart on one key issue in that, of course is an issue that the vast majority of Americans from all party support, decriminalizing marijuana. We have hundreds of thousands. If not more people sitting in federal prisons right now on marijuana offenses. This is unimaginable in this country today, knowing what we know about cannabis and the actual dangers of it yet, here we are with this, you know, centuries old mentality that somehow cannabis is horrible. And of course, if you don’t understand the full history of why cannabis is illegal here in the United States, um, to no one’s surprise, a lot of it has to do with racism, decades and decades and decades ago.

And this actually happened in Congress. You had members of Congress claimed that smoking cannabis made white women want to sleep with black men look up that history, truly disturbing stuff. And that of course is what led to marijuana, being classified with all of these other, you know, potentially far more dangerous drugs. Yet we allow alcohol, we allow tobacco tobacco. One of the most highly addictive substances will nicotine and tobacco on the planet, but that’s okay. Alcohol impairs, your judgment kills countless Americans every single year, totally legal. If you’re over the age of 21 though, marijuana, on the other hand, you can go spend years in prison for possessing it or using it in most parts of the country. And while many states have moved forward, decriminalizing marijuana, most states have not. President Joe Biden has said he’s open to decriminalization Senate majority leader. Chuck Schumer says, he’s in favor of decriminalization.

And that’s what this campaign is trying to do. And of course you have to get popular people out there like Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman to help sell this to the public. Although I don’t know that you really need to sell it to the public because I mean, we’re talking about 80% or more of the public says, yes, let’s decriminalize this and for an administration, by the way, that’s looking for a political victory to, you know, help stop the bleeding with Biden’s horrible approval ratings. This could be one of those issues, decriminalized marijuana, expunge, the records of the people in prison exonerate every single one of them and get them back to a normal life. Let them be productive members of society that do this in their off time. It’s very simple. This would be a great win for Biden. If he goes this route, this is a great campaign, because again, it does unite America on an issue that we’re all already United on cannabis in common. So why not go ahead and do it. This needs to happen. We’re falling behind, you know, the rest of the developed world on this issue and we could fix it. We’re just making the choice not to.


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