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This Is The Only Remedy Your KIDNEYS Actually Need.


This is the only remedy you actually need to lower your creatinine levels if you have kidney disease.
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Today we are going to focus on the root of all kidney problems and we are going to eradicate it.
And there’s only one remedy you need to do that.

More in this video!


Katherine from 00kidney here, welcome to our journey together to a better kidney health!
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Intro – 0:00
The only remedy your kidneys actually need – 0:15
The only remedy you need for high blood pressure – 1:12
The only remedy you need for diabetes – 4:38
Bonus – 7:57
Can you eat cheese with kidney disease? – 11:13


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I’ve spent the last decade of my life studying, researching and talking to people about kidney disease.
Over the course of years, I’ve met a lot of people suffering from kidney disease.
I’ve learned a lot from them and, in my opinion, CKD is not a one-way journey for everyone, despite what many doctors say.
Some people are actually able to improve their kidney function, even on the long term, and others are able to stop the progression of the disease.
Some, even in the advanced stages of CKD.
What you should be doing to achieve this is focusing on stopping the cause of the damage.
That’s what I want to focus on today. The fastest and most effective way of preventing kidney disease from progressing.
To do this we need to understand what is the root of the problem for you.
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Starting with blood pressure.
There’s a vicious cycle involving kidney disease and blood pressure.
Even people not suffering from this condition before having kidney problems will have to face it.
When the kidneys aren’t working, they will not be able to regulate fluids in the body efficiently, and this will lead to an even higher blood pressure and more kidney damage.
Hypertension is the WORST enemy of your kidneys. We need to stop this as soon as possible.
While blood pressure pills work, they have a long list of side effects – and they are always putting more pressure on the kidneys.
The good news is that with some changes in your lifestyle, such as exercising more and avoiding certain bad habits, blood pressure can be kept under control.
And there’s a home remedy I want to show you today because it’s something everyone with kidney problems should turn into a good daily habit!

More about this in the video.


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